Revenue Conduit Is Now Revenue Conduit By Unific

Introducing, Unific! The exciting future of our company, Revenue Conduit.

revenue conduit is unific

We’ve had a big year; over the past twelve months, we’ve been fortunate to receive investor funding and experience significant growth to our team. As our team has grown and transformed, so has our vision for the future. That future is Unific.

What does this really mean?

For starters, it means a small update to Revenue Conduit’s product name. Revenue Conduit is now a product of Unific and will now be known as: Revenue Conduit by Unific. Beyond that, we’ve been hard at work on a new product: Unific.

What is Unific?

shopify app email confirmations

Unific lets online retailers leverage sales data for sending highly customized and deeply segmented messages. The initial release of Unific focuses on transactional emails, specifically order confirmation emails.

Why order confirmation emails? We consider order confirmation emails to be a highly valuable, yet underutilized, marketing opportunity.

I dive into why order confirmation emails are a prime opportunity for growth here:

Who is Unific for?

Initially, Unific’s app will be exclusively available to Shopify customers. We plan, and are excited, to introduce Unific for other shopping carts solutions in the future!

When will Unific be available?

The team can’t wait to release the Unific app to everyone! We’re nearing the final stages of testing and will soon release the app to more customers. So, please stay tuned!

One Last Thing

We’re hard at work to make Unific your go-to resource for growing an eCommerce business. Please feel free to check our latest blog posts below!


Introducing Four Brand New Features for Revenue Conduit

I have some exciting announcements – after doubling the size of our development team and adding a full-time Quality Assurance Tester, we have been pounding out new features like never before! Today I have four new features to tell you about.

By the way, in all cases, these features were requested by you, our subscribers. Thank you for the feedback and your continued help in making Revenue Conduit the best it can be. Now on to the details…

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Battle of the Apps Champion (Thank You)

Do you remember that email I sent you a bit more than a week ago? The one asking for your help – for your vote? Well, all I can say is thank you!

Among 41 apps that were submitted, Revenue Conduit was named the #1 Kick Apps Champion in the Infusionsoft 2014 Battle of the Apps competition.

Battle of the Apps ICON14 ChampionWinning is a huge honor. It’s validation for why we exist – to help you, the small business online retailer, connect your online store to your marketing so you can market like the Amazons of the world on a small business budget with some semblance of a work-life balance.

It is hard to find words to describe ICON14, the annual Infusionsoft conference.

More than 3,000 small business entrepreneurs descended upon the Phoenix Convention Center. The energy was intense. It was exhilarating, contagious and ultimately exhausting.

On the flight home, with adrenaline and exhaustion fighting the final fight, my fellow co-founder Parag and I reflected on where we are now and on how this all began…

A few years back, my wife and I were running an online store selling jewelry. We were using Magento for our store and Mailchimp for our marketing.

We wanted to automatically market to our prospects and our customers based on where they came from, what they were interested in and how engaged they were.

We wanted our online store to be deeply connected to our marketing. Mailchimp was not cutting it.

Infusionsoft showed up in a google search and my uncle also happened to be using it. So, we signed up, went through the Kickstart program and partnered with long-time friend and colleague, Parag, to build the first version of Revenue Conduit simply to scratch our own itch.

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