Announcing Customer Goup and Newsletter Syncing

You spoke. We listened and delivered. We’re pleased to announce that Revenue Conduit now supports customer group and newsletter syncing!

Before explaining these new features, I would also like to announce that we’ll be hosting a webinar to demo these features and answer your questions about these new features or any other aspect of Revenue Conduit.

Based on your feedback, we may make this webinar a monthly ritual, providing you with demos of features, ideas on how to fully leverage Revenue Conduit and Infusionsoft, and answer any questions you have.

The webinar will be held on March 26th at 3pm CT. Click here to register!

Now on to the new features… Read more

2014 – Two Months In (revenue and features and growth, oh my)

I spent a few hours reviewing the 2014 Revenue Conduit Action Plan this weekend, taking a look at our goals and the initiatives we planned in order to reach them. 

Goals are powerful things. I have found that once you write a goal down, the universe immediately begins to conspire and help you reach it. 

You meet people.

Opportunities present themselves.

Strange things happen.  Read more

We’re Just Getting Started

It’s been about 9 months since the first online store signed up for Revenue Conduit. Since April, 2013, online stores from all over the world in one niche after the next have joined the Revenue Conduit family.

With our growth well under way, and the knowledge we have gained through working with clients and subscribers, it is now time to share our experiences and open a dialogue with you. This is our first post on the Revenue Conduit blog. You can expect many more.

Revenue Conduit started as a simple plugin built to scratch my own itch. Before Revenue Conduit was even an idea, my wife and I had an online jewelry store built on Magento. We were using Mailchimp for our marketing, and we were frustrated by the lack of integration between our shopping cart and our marketing.

We had two data silos and no real way to make them talk with each other in any meaningful way.

I went on a search to find something better and thankfully found Infusionsoft (it was love at first sight).

I signed up, went through the Kickstart and my mind began racing with all the possibilities. I partnered with a long-time friend and collaborator, Parag Jagdale, and we built the first version of Revenue Conduit to connect my own store with my marketing (now being run through Infusionsoft). Read more