PopUp Domination & Magento Updates

PopUp-Domination-Logo-Full-200Love ‘em or hate ‘em — popups work and they work well.

The second step in Lifecycle Marketing for online stores is capturing leads.

All the time, energy and money you spend on paid search, search engine optimization and social media will be for naught if you’re not effectively capturing leads.

PopUp Domination has been around for awhile. We like it and recommend that online stores use it.

Over the years, though, PopUp Domination has been a bit stagnant.

That changed with their most recent update.

5 major improvements were made, including a more intelligent ad blocker bypass and the ability to choose where your popup appears (center, bottom right, top left).

You can also remove or change the color of the popup background, and tweak the opacity as well.

A great plugin just got better.

80/20 eCommerce Analysis – A Recent Revelation

8020You never know what you will find when conducting 80/20 analysis for eCommerce.

Hidden opportunities.

Looming threats.

Clues for campaigns that provide the right message at the right time to the right customer segment you didn’t even know existed.

I’ll share with you the results of a recent 80/20 analysis for a Revenue Conduit customer. For confidentiality reasons, I’ll withhold the name of the actual company and generalize some data.

Start with Getting the Data into Infusionsoft

A recent signup for Revenue Conduit purchased our Historical Data Service to export all of his orders, products and customers from Magento and import them into Infusionsoft.

Part of the service includes calculating data and populating a number of fields within Infusionsoft.

We use the fields for RFM Segmentation (purchase recency, purchase frequency and monetary).

The fields include: Read more

We’re Just Getting Started

It’s been about 9 months since the first online store signed up for Revenue Conduit. Since April, 2013, online stores from all over the world in one niche after the next have joined the Revenue Conduit family.

With our growth well under way, and the knowledge we have gained through working with clients and subscribers, it is now time to share our experiences and open a dialogue with you. This is our first post on the Revenue Conduit blog. You can expect many more.

Revenue Conduit started as a simple plugin built to scratch my own itch. Before Revenue Conduit was even an idea, my wife and I had an online jewelry store built on Magento. We were using Mailchimp for our marketing, and we were frustrated by the lack of integration between our shopping cart and our marketing.

We had two data silos and no real way to make them talk with each other in any meaningful way.

I went on a search to find something better and thankfully found Infusionsoft (it was love at first sight).

I signed up, went through the Kickstart and my mind began racing with all the possibilities. I partnered with a long-time friend and collaborator, Parag Jagdale, and we built the first version of Revenue Conduit to connect my own store with my marketing (now being run through Infusionsoft). Read more